Kim is our rockin' main associate photographer. She's been photographing with me (Ash) since I officially started my business in the Spring of 2013. Born and raised in the mid-west, Kim has an excellent work ethic and will go above and beyond with the brides and grooms. She's not afraid to roll around on the floor to get the perfect shot, has a keen eye for detail and beautiful emotion and is truly a joy to be around. Her shooting style is solid, and because we have been working together for so long her workflow practically matches mine during the wedding days where she is the primary. In her free time, she's obsessed with her horses and spends a lot of time in the "box" aka crossfit gym. 

What are associate photographers about?

Associates are trusted photographers who stand in for me for the day. You will still work work with me on all aspects including the booking, communication and editing. Essentially, if you still want beautiful photos with Ash Meier flare but can't afford my personal collections or I'm booked on your wedding date, then associate collections are a great idea!

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