I am a Northern Colorado & Fort Collins Senior Photographer who loves traveling around the world and general adventure. I have a football fanatic husband, and two little girls who are my world (Eleanor + June). When we're not jet setting to St. Louis, Kansas, Florida, Europe, Mexico or Costa Rica, we're riding our bikes in Fort Collins, mountain biking in Breckenridge or dreaming about our next surf/snow trip

I'm a mom, but I am also amazingly blessed to be a senior photographer. I love building relationships with my seniors every year and am so inspired by their dreams, zeal for life and general excitement about what is to come. I truly enjoy being involved and providing an awesome, healthy and uplifting experience for my clients.

Things I Value:

  • Communication is key
  • Fun is essential
  • Giggles are semi-mandatory
  • Providing a comfortable atmosphere
Colorado Senior Photographer, Ash Meier

It's true, pictures are worth 1000 words
My daughters dress better than I do
My ultimate dream is to be a contestant on the Amazing Race
My dogs are cuddle bugs (Izzy & Teddy Bear)
John 15:5 - The verse of my life
I could only wear Toms, Vans and Rainbows forever
I have a HORRIBLE Sweet Tooth
I would kill to spend my days on the lake
My husband is a football fanatic from Kansas
The Beatles - Strawberry Fields