Do you ever shoot at indoor or urban locations?

YES!! Although most of our weddings are outside or in the mountains, we ABSOLUTELY LOVE shooting in unique places. We do have studio lighting and are adequately prepared for shooting indoors. SO definitely choose us to be your downtown denver wedding photographer.

Why do you recommend adding on an engagement session?

Engagement sessions give us a chance to work with you before the wedding day. We can go over what works well, what didn't and it gives you an opportunity to fine tune what you really enjoyed about your pictures so we know what will make you happy. Not to mention being comfortable with one another is really important. 

Is 8 hours enough for our wedding day?

For most weddings, absolutely. We customize a timeline with you so we can make this happen and be as efficient as we can during the day. If more hourly coverage is needed, it can be added or a higher collection can be booked. The only time we have ever needed more is if a catholic wedding ceremony is involved.

Why is a 2nd Shooter important?

A 2nd Shooter acts as your "insurance policy." They are the backups, they get more of the candids and they enable us to put together a super efficient timeline. 

How many photos will we receive?

It depends on the package you choose, but typically between 500-1000. 

How long will it take you to finish editing our beautiful wedding photos?

Our turnaround is currently 4-8 weeks. However, we typically deliver around 4-5 weeks.

Can I get a DVD of my images?

We give you full printing rights and a digital download gallery as a replacement for a DVD. However, if you would still like a DVD, we have no problem sending you one. 

Do you have travel expenses? 

We do not charge any travel expenses in Colorado for most destinations for Ash's collections. The associate collections may have travel fees though.

Do you have backup equipment and insurance? 

YES and YES! This is a very important day, and we are prepared regarding all aspects. 

Do you travel?

Why yes we do! Check out our destination wedding photography page. 

Why should we choose you as our wedding photographer?

I believe your love story is unique and worthy of being captured honestly and beautifully. Ultimately, I love LOVE, and I am honored to be spending one of the most important days of your life with you. Your love is so rad because it's yours. 

Pretty, pretty please....I want to know what the little surprise is?!

Our surprises change, and you may receive more than one throughout our journey together ;).