The Great Sand Dunes Senior Photo Shoot // Colorado senior photographer, Destination Senior Photographer

One of my most recent photo shoots was with two of my senior reps, Kelsey and Hannah, at The Great Sand Dunes National Park in South Central Colorado. The girls were really excited for this shoot and it's something that I haven't done before, so it was an adventure for us all! The girls and I thought that flowy dresses would be the perfect attire for this photo shoot, so they put on their beautiful dresses and headed out for the five hour drive to the Sand Dunes.

Before the shoot, I was a bit nervous that it would be too windy because that's the norm. Typically, wind isn't a huge deal, but if there is too much of it, it might be hard for the girls to keep the hair off their face and could interfere with the pictures I was planning on taking. As expected, it was pretty windy, but that didn't stop us! The wind ended up making for some great wind-blown hair pictures. Also, even though Kelsey and Hannah go to two different high schools, by the end of this shoot they were quick to become friends. That is one of the best parts about the senior rep program. All in all, this photo shoot was a blast and I am so excited to share the Colorado Sand Dunes photo shoot pictures with you all. I hope you enjoy!