Melissa + Eric's Summer Wild Basin Lodge Wedding // Estes Park Wedding Photographer, Denver Wedding Photography

Who doesn't love summer weddings? Out of all of the seasons, summer weddings are probably my favorite. The greenery, summer sun and excitement for months of warm weather to come. Melissa and Eric's Estes Park wedding at Wild Basin Lodge couldn't have been on a more beautiful day. We had a few minutes of clouds and a few raindrops when we arrived, but it was all proceeded with a beautiful summer afternoon and evening with sun and warmth. The fresh green grass, beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park mountain views and colorful flowers throughout the day made this day great. And of course the union of two people committing their lives together and joining their families made it all magical. 

Eric and Melissa met several years ago as co-workers while both in the midst of a different life. Several years later they reconnected. Eric described that he loves Melissa because everything she does makes him love her more and more. She makes him strive to be a better man, and is the most beautiful woman he has have ever seen. Her smile melts his soul. Melissa said she loves everything about Eric. How patient he is. That he loves her unconditionally even on her worst days. He's an amazing father, a giving person and just a joy to be around. No one has ever had anything bad to say about him. They both just knew early on into reconnecting -- and when they did finally get engaged it was a low key day at home; which was exactly what they wanted. 

Congratulations, Melissa and Eric. I was so blessed to spend the day with the both of you, and am so excited for your adventures to come. It's going to be a great year -- and I am so thankful for you; your love and your story is inspiring. 

<3 Ash