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Life of the Meiers // 2015 Costa Rica Travels

I am obsessed with traveling, and Costa Rica is absolutely one of my favorite places. We have been there three times in the last four years! SO when I say favorite, I totally mean it. My first trip to Costa Rica was on our honeymoon. We backpacked around the country for 2 weeks and experienced pretty much everything you could see outside of heading down towards Manuel Antonio. Our second trip was a little bit of a pre-babymoon, knowing that we were ready to start a family at some point. I didn't even dream that we would make it back, but we did and with flying colors on this third trip, and with our baby! 

Eleanor was 15 months. She had traveled so much already by this time (Europe at 1 Year, around the states a ton, and Mexico at 2 months), but this was definitely harder than the other ones because she was so mobile and quite sassy :). We found our flow though and the days were great after we learned how to manage them a little bit better. Our Bob stroller was a life-saver, and renting a car. We have done the local and tour company bus thing, but having a car is SO worth it in Costa Rica because you can arrive on your own time. You even get to cross rivers occasionally. 

Our favorite thing to do in Costa Rica is surf. We love surfing so much and even though we are not pros or anything, we can appreciate a nice break. It may not always be pretty but it's so fun, and the best workout for being on vacation; especially with all of the good food you eat. Costa Rica has awesome food by the way!! We always try to see how many days we can surf, and on this trip we successfully surfed 9 out of 10 days. Our favorite places to surf so far are Mal Pais, Samara for a nice and easy break, Nosara and Playa Grande. Each spot has their own special appeal, and most of the beaches are sandy so you don't have to worry about getting thrashed on the reefs.

Now to the business part. My ultimate goal in making the trip was to get some epic landscape photos to sell prints of, and to research areas where I could take on some weddings. I am working on expanding my destination wedding photographer portfolio, and would especially love to become a Costa Rica wedding photographer because we love the country so much and are extremely familiar with traveling there. To book a destination wedding photography package, check out our destination page for details. Or, if you just want information and recommendations for traveling around the country, let me know and I will gladly share some of our insider tips. Thanks for reading and checking out what my family was up to recently :). 

<3 Ash