Elle + David // The Literary Urban Chic Wedding // The Edwards House, Fort Collins // Colorado Wedding Photographer

Elle + David // The Literary Urban Chic Wedding // Fort Collins, CO

It is an awesome and rare thing for me to do more urban inspired weddings. Elle and David's wedding was an interesting mix, and a unique celebration. Their wedding was a little bit non-traditional because they were officially getting married at a Mormon temple in Denver, but they held their "ceremony" and reception early so family members would be able to attend. We started off the day at The Edwards House Bed & Breakfast in Fort Collins, CO. Elle was staying in the Fuller suite, and I arrived just before the ceremony began. The Edward's House just recently completed a super rad remodel, and is just as modernly historic as it can get. The ceremony was outside on an overcast day, and David and Elle's closest family members attended. We headed into the reception shortly after the ceremony for dessert while Elle and David chatted with their guests. Their reception was full of literary and musical inspiration, which totally encompasses both of their personalities (David play's the cello and Elle is a big reader). We then left the reception for picture time. 

Elle had two dresses for the day (one from Dora Grace!!), and pictures were probably the most important thing for her so we spent a lot of time running around. We started at the Edwards House while she was still in her wedding gown, and then headed down to Old Town after she changed into her party dress. It was so fun! David and Elle went to high school together, and when you have known someone for that long they definitely bring out a special side to you. The two of them were so cute, sneaking little kisses and gazing into one another's eyes. We completed our final stop right in front of The Crown Pub, where David and Elle were continuing their celebration with family. It was a super fun day, and I am so glad I got to be a part of it! 

<3 Ashley