Lisa + Gavin // Asheville Wedding Photographer // Rustic Boho Chic Spring Wedding in Waynesville

Lisa + Gavin // Waynesville, North Carolina Wedding

This is one of my all-time favorite weddings. Shooting in different places other than Colorado always gets me super excited. The lighting is different, the landscape is different -- it's an excellent opportunity to get really creative. Lisa and Gavin's wedding day was extremely laid back. It was truly meant to be a celebration with their closest family and friends, and the guest list was less than 50 people from what I remember. They rented a house in Waynesville, North Carolina, about 30 minutes from Asheville where a ton of their family and friends could stay with them so it was truly a multi-day celebration. Most of the wedding was also DIY, and family and friends became the wedding vendors of the day. 

During our travels in the area, we enjoyed gem panning, hearing about all this southern moonshine, and eating cajun food. Lisa is actually from the "Louisiana Swamp," and she brought some AMAZING Gumbo with her. Her family is awesome too, and even corralled everyone into singing and playing bluegrass late into the evening on the hillside of the house. Gavin is from New York and is actually an oil rig diver (if that's what you call it). He met Lisa while on location in the New Orleans area, and it has been love ever since. 

There were so many things I personally loved about their wedding in terms of details. The beautiful wildflowers, the customized gifts, and not to mention the amazing food again. The evening was a blast, and the final set of pictures we got were on Gavin's motorcycle. You see, this couple is not your traditional couple. Their honeymoon was riding a Harley (with the few things they could pack) and camping across the United States. I believe they made it all the way to Utah from North Carolina during their month long honeymoon. Truly a grand adventure this all was. Congratulations you both!